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Idea for games section(Search a Word Puzzle)

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1 Idea for games section(Search a Word Puzzle) on Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:17 pm

I brought a game that I love to play
since I was a child...

It is Search a Word Puzzle

What is Search a Word Puzzle
It is a puzzle where the player have a
list of words & box of characters (letters). He/ She have to
search for each word in the characters box and circle it.

What is different in this game ?!
The difference here is the player won't
give a word list in the same language the characters are.

So, how to solve it !

The player have to translate the word list
from Arabic to English, Then try to find the word in characters box.

What if the player did not find the word?

Will, that's means his/her translation
is wrong !

Aims of this game:

1- Enhance vocabulary knowledge.

2- Improve spelling.

3- Shows the importance of a good selection of the correct translation of the

4- In general puzzles improve mental
functions such as, memory and focusing.


This game is not appropriate for LAZY PEOPLE

Here I upload a sample of this game : ?mgtzwizjynm

I hope you will like it.

And if you have suggestion on any thing in this game please say it.

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I really like the idea. I will check the file and I will return back to y.

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Wow I really liked it. It is amaizing idea. Keep it up

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Thank you Abeer I'm really happy for hearing this Smile

Waiting for other member comments ^^

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love the concept

We SMILE not because we don't have problems,
But because we are strong enough to over-come them.

Have a great day!
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Hi girls..


nice idea..
" I mean using the puzzle for translation.. i veeary creative sister"

I was wondering..
are you going to use this game in the magazine?

Why don't you tell Shaikah..
It's very nice : )

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It`s great idea^^

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wow nice ^^

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